Service Consolidation Plan


The Livingston Educational Service Agency had developed a Service Consolidation Plan to reduce school operating costs. The plan is noted below:

The Agency meets annually with the Superintendent of each constituent school district to review the service consolidation recommendations identified by that district. The Agency recommends that the constituent school district Superintendent consult prior to the meeting with school board members, administrators at the central and building levels, district employees, union representatives, parents and community leaders and to the extent necessary also other units of government.

At the annual meeting the Agency reviews services that have been consolidated or that are provided through consortium arrangements.

Recommendations are also received with regard to new service consolidation opportunities as well as any recommendation for the discontinuation of current consolidation or consortium arrangements. Barriers to prospective consolidation or consortium efforts are also noted for consideration by legislators, other governmental entities, and local districts.

The Agency purposefully identifies the categories of Instruction, Pupil Support, Instructional Staff Support, General Administration, School Administration, Business Services, Operation & Maintenance, Transportation, Central Administration, Food Services, and Athletics when inquiring about consolidation opportunities. 

The summary recommendation for 2014-2015 includes consideration for the following:

New Consolidation or Consortium Efforts:
The efforts will focus on preparing for the renewal of the photocopier consortium. The current contract was extended to better align the expiration of lease agreements and to make use of the current copiers for another 18 months. The original units have performed very well and there was not a cost benefit to securing new capital equipment at the time the original agreement expired. 

Changes to Current Consolidation or Consortium Efforts: 
Abandon the skilled trades and general maintenance consortium and re-focus efforts on the photocopier consortium. 

Discontinuation of Current Consolidation or Consortium Efforts: 
The development of a skilled trades and general maintenance consortium in 2013-2014 were studied and four constituent districts expressed interest. However, the consortium was not proven to be cost beneficial and the barriers resulting from current bargaining unit contracts made implementation of the consortium impractical. Therefore, efforts were discontinued at the end of the school year.


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